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INDIA: 8-year-old ‘hangs herself’ after mother refuses to take her to a wedding, family buries her body

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In a tragic incident, an eight-year-old girl in India committed suicide after being refused by her parents to go to a wedding.

The incident happened in the state of Uttar Pradesh. The girl hanged herself from a ceiling fan at her residence in Muzaffarnagar district.

According to police, by the time authorities reached the family for investigation, the parents of the girl had already buried the body.

The incident took place in Nirdhana village.

Preliminary investigation revealed that the girl took the drastic step after the mother refused to take her along to a wedding ceremony.

Police revealed that the family members said the girl had been pressing her mother to take her to the wedding ceremony of a relative but she instead took her son to the function.

The emotional state led her to take the drastic step.

The girl ran into a room and locked the door from inside.

She then hanged herself from the ceiling.

Villagers and family members forced into the room and found her hanging.

An investigation has been launched to determine the cause of the death.

The authorities have urged parents to deal with children with utmost care and patience to avoid such tragic incidents.

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