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“Iam Sorry”Uganda’s former Archbishop Rt. Rev Stanley Ntagali apologises for having an affair with a married woman

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It all started like speculations that the former Church of Uganda Archbishop Stanley Ntagali has for the first time come out publically to apologise for the extramarital affair scandal that led to his suspension.“On the Christmas eve of 1974, I gave my life to Jesus Christ as a young man. I still love Jesus Christ because he has loved me and I would love to serve him for all the years, sadly, I fell into the sin of adultery and I confess to the Lord to forgive me, bishops, partners, brothers, sisters and the entire Church of Uganda, please forgive me. 

former Archbishop Rt. Rev Stanley Ntagali

I apologise to Reverend Christopher and his wife Judith. I want to remain closer to Jesus. I want to continue standing on that solid rock,” apologized the man of God who sounded strong.

Many worshipers could not hold back their tears, as the man of God was cleansing his sinful past.

He made the confession, Thursday (April 22, 2021) during the Church of Uganda 60th anniversary of self-governance at St Paul’s Cathedral Namirembe.
Bushenyi — Following a High Court dismissal of the case against Church of Uganda Archbishop Stanley Ntagali that had been brought against him by 11 canons of West Ankole Diocese, the archbishop has said he is still in charge of the Anglican Church of Uganda.

“I am the head of Church of Uganda, being archbishop does not mean that I stop in Kampala. My territories run from Karamoja to Kisoro, Kotido to Muhabura, West Nile to Bukedi,” the archbishop said.

A group of canons had petitioned High court challenging Archbishop Ntagali’s take over of West Ankole Diocese and appointing commissaries to help him in overseeing the diocese after the retirement of Bishop Yona Katoneene on October 2. Quoting the church rules, the archbishop said he is empowered to act in the capacity of a bishop during their absence.

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