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Good journalism is difficult work at the best of times; there is never enough information, not enough time and specific skills to manage relationships and human beings thus the many conflicts between journalists and politicians.Journalists need to be aware of this crucial role that journalism can play in a time of conflict resolution for instance when working with Politicians in Uganda. It is from this background that Human Rights Network for Journalists Uganda has organized a two-day capacity building programme bringing together journalists, politicians, and security personnel of Mukono district with the aim to: 1:To inspire and strengthen participants’ knowledge about conflicts and the benefits of working together for personal growth and development of communities/country 2:To build and strengthen collaboration and networking between Journalists and Politicians in Mukono districtThe training is also intended to enable journalists and politicians of Mukono district to get to know each other thus strengthen formal working relationships, support the team in deepening knowledge about the role of each other, root cause of conflict, mandate of each group in creating safer spaces for work and prioritizing of personal self-care and development so as to keep healthy and be able to make informed choices and decisions.

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