Hon Abdirahman Omar Opens New Office for Vehicles` Registrations and Fines in Hodan District

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The Mayor of Mogadishu, Hon Abdirahman Omar, has opened the first office for registering Public Vehicles and all kinds of vehicles such as Public Commuter Motor-vehicles and Bajajs (Tuktuk) in Hodan District with future plans aimed at opening other offices in 5 districts in Banadir Region.

“We are now opening the first ever office registering Bajaj and Public Vehicles. The first motive of this move is to uplift the level of the taxes being collected by the Local Government to bolster service delivery, and tighten the security in the city. This is a starting point, but we expect to extend it further and implement it in other 5 districts in the Region.”  Said the Mayor.

The Governor has pointed out that the move, which at aims at registering public vehicles that use city roads, remains essential to the security and transformation of the city, while calling upon drivers to play their role and register their vehicles in their respective districts to help monitor their movements since they are serving the public.

“According to our recently set policy, we are determined to start our registration with public Commuter Vehicles before we start registering private ones. The approach we are employing while registering these vehicles will be a process that enables us to put everything on the right track which will further create accountability among us all.”  He added.

The launch event was attended by Administration and Finance Assistant Honorable Hussein Mohamed Nur, District Commissioner of Hodan District Honorable Mohamed Ahmed Antobo, among other officials representing Department of Transport under Banadir Region.