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HEALTH: The Government of Uganda has received one million condoms

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DKT Uganda, the makers of KISS and Fiesta Condom brands, together with distributors Dembe Group Uganda have donated condoms worth $50,000(shs184million) to the Ministry of Health to boost family planning and HIV prevention efforts by government.

The donation was received by the Health Minister, Dr Jane Ruth Aceng at the ministry headquarters in Kampala on Wednesday evening.

Speaking at the ceremony, Aceng said the country should not ignore issues related to unwanted pregnancies and sexual reproductive health while dealing with the Coronavirus pandemic.

According to the minister, cases of sexual reproductive health have increased countrywide during the pandemic since most of the children are out of school.

“Thank you for supporting government’s efforts towards promoting family planning and the fight against HIV, “Aceng said.

The Chief Executive Officer for Dembe Group, Anil Damani explained that the rationale behind the donation condoms was to reduce unwanted pregnancies during the lockdown.

“We want to make sure that the country is not only safe from Covid-19 but other diseases like HIV /AIDS,” Damani said, reiterating that Uganda has made its mark in taking care of its most vulnerable groups in fighting the global pandemic.

The Ugandan government has over the years called for joint efforts from all sectors in fighting HIV as a public health challenge.

It launched the ABC -Abstinence, Being faithful and using Condoms initiative which had early success in lowering HIV prevalence.

It is against this background that DKT Uganda said they have joined the fight.

Whereas condoms have played a key role in Uganda’s HVI prevention strategy for the last 20 years, reports indicate that condom use in the country has declined from 38% in 2000 to 24% in 2018.

DKT is one of the largest makers of condoms and one of the largest social marketing groups in the world.

In 2017, the organization launched operations in Uganda to support the country’s achievement in family planning and HIV prevention goals through social marketing of high-quality contraception products.

The donation of Fiesta Condoms, which were made for the premium market in Uganda, will support the work of the Ministry of Health and the Uganda Aids Commission.

The condoms will be distributed through the public sector channels in rural and remote areas where other socially marketed condoms are not readily available.

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