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Han’s Resurrection in Fast & Furious 9 explained – VIN DIESEL

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ast & Furious franchise is no stranger to resurrections, Letty came back in the sixth installment after dying in the fourth film. But Han‘s (Sung Kang) death was shown twice from two different perspectives in Tokyo Drift and the mid credit scene of Fast & Furious 6. So, how and why is he alive? Vin Diesel details the reason for Han’s revival in Fast & Furious 9.

The chronological order and original release time of Fast & Furious series is a little screwed up. As fourth movie in the franchise is the third movie while the events of the third and the ending of the sixth movie happen simultaneously. There is a little mind bending you need to do to figure out the, let’s be honest here, superhero movies with cars.

Han, played by Sung Kang died in the third movie, while inexplicably being there in the fourth, fifth and sixth movie. At the end of the sixth movie we are shown his death again and this time the sequence is made clear and Han‘s existence is explained. But after two thorough examination of his death, how and why is be back in Fast & Furious 9.

Dom and Han’s Brotherhood Plays a Important Role in Fast & Furious 9

Han is a fan favorite character in the Fast & Furious franchise. His cool demeanor and let’s-do-it attitude about everything has endeared him in the hearts of the fans. Still, Letty and Han‘s resurrections are two separate cases. Letty we saw was near an exploding car, maybe she survived the explosion, but Han was inside the car bleeding when it exploded in Tokyo Drift or set on fire by Shaw at the end of Fast & Furious 6.

So, two different scenes of death, Dom even went to pay his respect for his fallen brother in Tokyo Drift, that is later tied into Furious 7. So, Dom did not know Han was alive, the crew obviously did not know but he will be there to help out in Fast & Furious 9 and when asked about the revival and the importance Han’s character has for Dom, Vin Diesel explained the reasoning.

“We have this very interesting and fascinating and mysterious character in Jakob, who is a blood brother. From a story point, there’s a significance in the brotherhood of Dom and Han. if you go back to Los Bandoleros and Tokyo Drift, there was no brotherhood between Dom and Brian. Brian was a cop, Dom was an outlaw,” Vin mentioned during the press conference.

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