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Fulfill the pledge on Sugar Factory-Busoga leaders

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The Prime Minister of Busoga Kingdom, Joseph Muvawala said sugar cane farmers who apply for processing licenses have been frustrated and sidelined in favour of the big and foreign investors.
“We are tired of being slaves of Madhvani; we want a sugar factory for Busoga because I have met local farmers with sugarcane of more than 30 years who have failed to get licenses for processing,” said Muvawala.
He made this appeal during the Sixth coronation anniversary of the Kyabazinga, Nadiope William Gabula IV in Jinja on Sunday, 13 September 2020. The Speaker was the chief guest.
Kadaga said that as Busoga farmers wait on government to fulfill its pledge of a sugar factory, there is a Ugandan company; Kikajo Sugar that has since 2012 been licensed to process sugar within Busoga.
“They have written to me that they have been able to secure 600 acres in Butansi Sub County; they are now ready to begin work and I have contacted the Trade Minister to clear this company,” Kadaga said.
The Speaker added that she was hopeful that in the next financial year, government would budget for the sugar factory in Busoga.
“I am hoping that in the next year government will through Uganda Development Bank budget for a sugar factory for Busoga. Together with legislators from the region, we pledge to work hard and ensure next year’s budget caters for the sugar factory,” she said

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