France prepares for new ‘Yellow Vest’ protests despite reversal on fuel tax

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PARIS, France


Thousands of French citizens have planned protests on Saturday despite the President Emmanuel Macron’s surrender over a fuel tax hike that unleashed weeks of unrest.

Protesters urged that their demands have now shifted to more pressing issues like those hurting French workers, retirees and students.

Following their planned protests, the government plans to deploy more than 65,000 security forces amid fears of new riots.

Local media reported that Police unions and local authorities held emergency meetings Thursday to strategize on how to handle the weekend protests, while disparate groups of protesters did the same thing, sharing their plans on social networks and chat groups.

While addressing the Senators on Thursday, Prime Minister Edouard Philippe said government will deploy “exceptional” security measures for the protests in Paris and elsewhere, with additional new forces on top of the 65,000 security officers already in place.

Last weekend, the French capital Paris faced the worst riots in decades that forced members of leading unions, prominent politicians and yellow vest protesters to call for serenity.