Forum in Benguérir (Morocco) to examine challenges and opportunities of artificial intelligence for Africa

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PARIS, France


A Forum on Artificial Intelligence in Africa, organized by UNESCO and Mohamed VI Polytechnic University will explore the opportunities and challenges of technological innovations relating to artificial intelligence (AI) in Africa on December 12 to 13 in Benguérir, Morocco.

AI is already present on the continent through incubators for technological innovation. Its services include providing applications for schools via smart phones or monitor the breathing of newborns in maternity wards.

The project aims to penetrate further into the African continent where they have witnessed higher rates of smart phone penetration that has been followed by technological advancements such as apps that facilitate everyday life in regards to health, education, culture and environment.

The two day event will also address ethical concerns about the use of private data, freedom of expression and responsibility and also societal impact of technologies that can replace human labor.

The event will be graced by Morocco’s Education Minister Said Amzazi, UNESCO Director-General Audrey Azoulay, and the President of the General Conference of UNESCO, Zohour Alaoui.

It will also bring together ministers, representatives of the private sector, experts, researchers and representatives of international and regional organizations, as well as NGOs and civil society actors from all parts of the world.

Part of UNESCO’s ongoing reflection on AI, the Benguérir Forum is expected to enrich discussions ahead of the international conference on artificial intelligence that UNESCO is organizing for March next year.