Former Idi Amin Boxing contender and Uganda coach dies

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Kampala, Uganda:

Peter Seruwagi who was challaged by President Idi Amin and a former Uganda National Team Boxing coach in 1970s dies.

Seruwagi who have been diagnosed with diabetes and high blood pressure for a long time took his last breath on Tuesday 6th January 2018.

Seruwagi is commonly remembered for an unexpected Boxing bout with former Uganda President Idi Amin Dada during the opening ceremony of the Sixth All Africa Amateur Boxing Championships in Lugogo, Kampala, on December 9, 1974.

Without any warning, Amin, who was presiding over the opening event, decided that he would take on national boxing coach Peter Seruwagi in a curtain raiser.

The fight was not on the programme but it was Amin’s way of conducting affairs

The Lugogo Indoor Stadium went wild with cheers when the Ugandan leader entered the boxing ring. Cheers of Amin Oye, Uganda Moto greeted the General as he kept trotting with his tremendous footwork and jabs.

Amin declared that he would open the championships by boxing me. The fight went ahead, ending in a knock-out in favour of the President.

Because the bout had not been planned for, Amin entered the ring with his neck-tie still on.

The referee had to stop the fight in the second round to save Seruwagi from further punishment,

Immediately after the bout, Amin said he enjoyed sports and wanted to boost the morale of all boxers taking part in the championships.

Seruwagi believed that Amin wanted to revenge for a boxing bout he lost to him 16 years earlier.

According to late Seruwagi recent interviews, He floored Amin in a specially arranged fight in the 1958 National Championship at the Nakawa Engineering School, with him in light heavy and me in welterweight. So I think he wanted to pay me back by knocking me out at the championships, he was surprised because you don’t open the games by fighting the coach.”

He knew his rule and his colleagues had also warned him of it. If he had knocked out Amin, He would not have ended the night alive.

As Amin was entering the ring, his security men were standing at all corners. So he had to use my wisdom not to humiliate him.

President Idi Amin was an undefeated heavyweight champion from 1955-1959. That is not to say that he didn’t have strong rivals,

He fought Lesile Peach of Uganda Police but his biggest challenger was Owiso Owure of Kenya. They would really beat each other up. The Amin-Owure fight was always a must-watch.

Kasirye Alex/kmaupdates