Former Deputy Attorney General Mwesigwa Rukutana wins Naome Kabashasharira

Former Deputy Attorney General Mwesigwa Rukutana wins Naome Kabashasharira

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KAMPALA –  Uganda.

The Country’s ’s  trigger happy Minister Mwesigwa Rukutana  who is fresh  from jail has been declared NRM parliamentary flag in 2021 elections.

 Rukutana who is the State Minister for Labour Mwesigwa  won the  the hotly contested elections for the Rushenyi County after being declared by the Electoral Commision NRM  Chairman  Dr Tanga Odoi.

Rukutana,fresh from prison is  the winner of Rushenyi county NRM Primary elections for the Parliamentary flag bearer in the forthcoming 2021 general elections.

In a two-day election running from Friday 4th September to Saturday 5th, Ms. Kabasharira was declared the winner with 24,006 votes while Mr. Rukutana garnered 23,966 votes leaving a difference of only 40 votes.

However, Mr. Rukutana reportedly rejected the out-come of an election citing that about eight (8) polling stations were not included, maintaining that he had won the election.

Tanga announced on Wednesday, September 23, 2020, that after a vote re-count, Mr Rukutana is now the eventual winner, with 25,310 votes.
Mr. Rukutana’s 25,310 represent 46.27.% beating his close rival Naome Kabasharira who got 25,290 votes 46.23%.

Ms Kabasharira, the minister’s fierce challenger’s 25,290 leave a difference of just 20 votes.

Mr Odoi last week announced that Mr. Rukutana, jailed earlier in the month over poll violence was leading  Ms Naome Kabasharira.
Ms Kabasharira had on Septembr 5 been declared winner with 24,006 votes while Mr. Rukutana garnered 23,966 votes leaving a difference of only 40 votes.
While Mr Rukutana had rejected the out-come of the election, the aftermath was overshadowed by an incident where he was caught on video, appearing to draw a gun against two campaign agents of his opponent. The minister was eventually arrested, charged with attempted murder and remanded.
However, upon his release on bail on Tuesday, 15 September 2020, Dr Tanga announced that following a recount of 12 polling areas, the minister is now in the lead.

Earlier, this month, the Ntungamo NRM election officer, Maria Mirembe Baitwa, announced Kabasharira as the winner of the Rushenyi County NRM party flag having polled 24,006 votes against Rukutana’s 23,966 whereas Bob Karabayi got 2,266 votes, Nicholas Niwahereza had 1,202 votes and Norman Kashereka got 346 votes.

However, Rukutana’s agents petitioned the electoral commission chairperson, on Dr. Tanga Odoi, who after hearing of their case ordered for a re-tallying of the votes.

On Wednesday, after a period 17 days, Dr.Tanga announced that Rukutana had won the election having polled 25310 votes against Kabasharira’s 25290 votes.

Consequently, Rukutana beat her rival and the Ntungamo Woman Member of Parliament, Naome Kabasharira by 20 votes after retallying.

Following the contested election on September , there was violence in which Rukutana was captured on video as he grabbed a gun from one of his bodyguards and is alleged to have shot and injured one person.

He was later arrested and charged with the attempted murder of Daniel Rweburingi, assault and causing bodily harm onto one of his victims, threatening violence and malicious damage.

The NRM electoral commission chairperson said he had to visit the contentious Nyakahita village for a fact finding mission before declaring the final results.

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