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FIA Candidate Graham Stoker wants to ‘make a difference’ in motorsport

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Earlier today it was announced that Graham Stoker has applied to become the new President of the FIA. The Vice-President Sport would be a logical successor to Jean Todt.

Motorsport did a great job during the pandemic,” Stoker told in an interview. “Now that we have put this period behind us, I want to make sure that confidence returns and we can invest again, that we can come out of the pandemic stable. Also that we are actively addressing the challenges that we are facing. I mean, the whole powertrain system, what fuel to drive with, it’s more of an opportunity than a problem. It is. I want to make a difference in that way and I have the right competencies to do that. I have experience of key moments in motorsport, I’ve seen it up close; I’ve been to the Concorde Convention twice, negotiated the World Rally Championship, we set up Formula E. All that kind of stuff I’ve experienced and I want to use that experience.”

Accessibility within motorsport

A key issue for Stoker is accessibility within motorsport. “It’s not just about framing and organising a safe and fair sport, but we also need to take care of the growth of the sport, looking for talent, having debates about certain rules and making sure we use the technical aspect of our unique industry.” Sustainability is also important for the sport according to him. “We have a great story, like the current Formula One engines and the efficiency of those machines. No one has ever built engines like that.” He mentions Formula E’s technology, among others. “Every time we start an engine, we can contribute to climate change. There are many opportunities in that area.” The presidential election will be held at the end of 2021, during the general assembly and gala in December.

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