FEATURE STORIES: Ugandans in China advised to delay return until situation normalizes.

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The government through the Ministry of Health has advised Ugandans who are currently in China to ‘delay their return until situation is in control. Government has also cautioned Ugandans not to travel to China.

This follows an outbreak of a novel coronavirus (2019-nCov) and by January 28, 2020, a total of 4593 confirmed cases with 106 deaths had been reported in China.

Another 56 confirmed cases had been reported in 14 countries outside China including Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Singapore, Australia, Malaysia, Cambodia, Nepal, Sri Lanka, USA, Canada, France and Germany.

Dr. Charles Olaro, the Director of General Health Services at the Ministry of Health has now issued a statement to address Uganda’s risk situation and preparedness following this outbreak.

In a statement that has been accessed by Nile Post, Dr. Olaro said that the Ministry met with Chinese Medical team in Uganda and resolved that Ugandans in China should delay their return and those planning to go, to be stopped until the situation normalizes.

“The Ministry of Health met with Chinese Medical Team in Uganda who conveyed their plans to the MOH team. The interventions on their side include a notice given to their community to delay their return in Uganda until situation is in control and for those in Uganda not travel to China,”

The team also agreed that those who come should stay in isolation for at least two weeks, avoid mass gatherings and maintain personal hygiene.

Dr. Olaro noted that all health workers in health facilities across the country would in the interim be guided on how to identify, isolate, investigate and care for suspected persons.

Dr. Olaro urged health workers and the public to kin and vigilant in quickly identifying suspected cases of the virus.

“There are substantial numbers of passengers who travel between Uganda and China as well as other affected countries for various reasons. It is important that health workers and the general public are kin and more vigilant in quickly identifying suspected cases by enhancing the surveillance and reporting,” Dr. Olaro said.

Dr. Olaro said that the ministry of Health is working with partners and they have activated the National Task Force to coordinate preparedness and response activities.

The ministry according to Dr. Olaro is also working with the Civil Aviation Authority to undertake sensitization of all airport staff about the risk of the virus.

Currently there are no confirmed or suspected cases of the coronavirus in Uganda.

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