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Ex Tooro Premier John Katuramu released from Luzira after 20 years

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Today, Saturday, September 11 2021 will forever remain in the family calendar of former Tooro Kingdom Prime Minister John Sanyu Katuramu Amooti as the happiest day ever.

This is because, it’s the day the Tooro business magnet broke the chains of Luzira maximum prisons, and he is finally a FREE MAN after 20 years in incarceration!

“Yeah, true your man is free at last! He is actually in office signing out, and all those other procedures which should ideally take a few minutes. He should be done with everything and out by 10am, I’m sure,” our highly placed spy within prisons whispered to our reporter via phone.

Katuramu, a former prime minister of Tooro Kingdom got his death row sentence commuted to life in prison for 20 years in 2009. He argued in his November 29 petition that he has spent far too long in jail.

Katuramu and two others were on September 11, 2001 sentenced to hang for the murder of Prince Happy Kijanangoma and Stephen Kaganda, a guard, on March 25, 1999.

Katuramu’s sentence was commuted to life in prison after Susan Kigula and 400 other death row inmates successfully appealed against their sentences in the Supreme court in 2009.

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