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ETHIOPIA: Refugees accuse Ethiopia army of blocking road to Sudan

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Ethiopia’s army has blocked one of the main roads leading to Sudan, preventing people fleeing the Tigray conflict from crossing the border, according to refugees arriving Thursday in eastern Sudan.

More than 40,000 refugees have crossed from Ethiopia into Sudan since the conflict broke out on November 4 between federal forces and leaders of Tigray’s ruling party.

“The Ethiopian army has cut the road leading to the Sudanese border” at Humera, about 20 kilometres (12 miles) from the frontier, said Tesfai Burhano, who had just arrived at the Lugdi crossing point.

“Those seeking to reach Sudan must avoid the main road and pass through fields without being seen by soldiers,” he told AFP.

On Thursday, the border post was vacant without any Ethiopian soldiers visible, an AFP correspondent at the scene reported, adding that about a dozen refugees were seen crossing the frontier at the time.

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