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ENTERTAINMENT: Ugandas music icon “Sheebah Karungi” quits TNS

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All is not well in Team No Sleep (TNS) after unconfirmed rumors indicating that singer Sheebah Karungi is having a bitter fallout with her long term manager Jeff Kiwanuka.

Sheebah has been working with Kiwa for over eight years now, but apparently the duo is up in arms over issues best known by themselves.

According to sources, Sheebah and Kiwa have not been in good terms for quiet sometime, but things turned worse recently when Sheebah released her latest song ‘Ekyama’ behind Kiwa’s back and even refused to include Kiwa’s TNS on the song.

It’s also reported that Sheebah is currently working with a new music label called SC Events and management to help her push her music career.

And through her social media platform on Thursday, Sheebah gave a hint about this matter, claiming that no one will mess her life.

“They’re about to mess up their own lives while trying to mess up yours,” Sheebah said.

Reports have it that Kiwa has already ordered his team to stop promoting Sheebah’s music and she might also be on a verge of losing her Munyonyo based mansion that she acquired recently, for Kiwa claims to have partial ownership on that property.

However, neither Sheebah, nor Kiwa has come out to give a clear statement about these rumors.

If these rumors turn out to be right, this will not be the first time Kiwa is having a bitter fallout with his artiste. He has had fall outs with Radio and Weasel, Jose Chameleone, Pallaso, Chosen Blood, among others who were once signed to his label.

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