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ENTERTAINMENT: Ugandan Artist Iryn Namubiru speaks out on her phobia for water.

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KAMPALA – As the saying goes once beaten, twice shy, singer Iryn Namubiru’s wounds of nearly dying on a boat cruise are still fresh. The Byokola hit maker in a recent interview with one of the local TV stations has come out to confess of how she is still traumatised about the event

“I have not stepped in any swimming pool ever since the boat cruise incident where I almost lost my life. Even if I am with people who want to swim, I let them be and never even sit close to the pool,” she shared.

She added that she battled insomnia for some time after the event that got her really traumatised.

Namubiru was on the Il-fated MV Templar vessel which capsized in Lake Victoria in November 2017 killing over 30 people. Luckily she was among the survivors.

The diva is also set to stage an online concert at Fezzah on August 16 where she will also drop a new album that features some of Uganda’s top artists.

“When I do music, I want people to listen to it and also see me perform it. That is why I am staging this concert to quench the outcries of people who have been yearning to see me on stage,” she shared.

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