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ENTERTAINMENT: Singer Pallaso accuses police of stealing UGX 14 million amid his arrest.

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Musician Pius Mayanja alias Pallaso has said that police officers who raided his house on Wednesday night pick-pocketed his 4000 dollars (about Shs14m) while trying to arrest him.

According to the Kampala Metropolitan deputy police spokesperson Luke Owoyesigire, officers on Wednesday night raided the musician’s home in Makindye at around 12:46am following a disturbance call from residents of Luwafu zone, that a group of unruly people had gathered at Pallaso’s home.

In an interview with NBS UNCUT, Pallaso, who was on a hospital bed denied the allegations that the group was unruly, because they had just gathered to have a good time while respecting the President Coronavirus-induced guidelines on curfew.

Pallaso said, “we were at home just as we have always been and we heard someone knocking at the gate. They kicked it and entered with pistols and a lot of force. At first, I could not identify that they were police officers because they were not in uniform,”

“They said that we were shouting and I joked about it before one of the officers ordered for my arrest. They beat me and stole my money. I had 4000 dollars on me. They also took my Samsung phone,” Pallaso said.

Pallaso said that he held himself on the pole and told them that he wasn’t going anywhere.

“One of the officers was very harsh. He kicked me on the neck and I feel so much pain,” Pallaso added.

In a separate interview, The police mouthpiece Owoyesigyire explained that the singer and his group were playing loud music and drinking and when the officers told them to lower the volume, they became violent which prompted the officers to arrest them.

“We arrested two people, a one Henry Kasozi who is still in our custody and Pius Mayanja (Pallaso). Unfortunately, Mayanja whisked away with our handcuffs,” Owoyesigyire said.

Owoyesigyire also denied Pallaso’s allegations of being kicked saying that police has all the footage and there officers didn’t harass any of them until the group started insulting the officers.

Owoyesigyire said, “The only wounds that he might be having are handcuff-induced wounds on his wrists. Because it is general knowledge t

hat the more you try to force yourself out of a handcuff, the more it will squeeze you.”

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