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ENTERTAINMENT: Musician Victor Kamenyo on the run over house rent debt

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People Power’s Derrick Katongole alias Victor Kamenyo is being hunted for by his landlord after he took off from the house without paying seven-months rent.

The singer who has previously claimed he wants to be Member of Parliament for Lubaga North on People Power’s NUP ticket is said to have defaulted rent for seven months.

According to the landlord, Kamenyo has been Shs 350,000 per month but starting January, he stopped paying and asked for some time.

“It is very understandable since we had entered COVID lockdown, so I was lenient enough. He kept telling me he would pay, until a time when I said we agree he pays half and then he leaves the house. He has now run away,” the Landlord said.

Accordingly, the Landlord is hurt by the fact that the singer turned the house into a ‘pigsty’ yet he kept bothering her to improve on a number of things in the house to look classy.

“He kept bothering me claiming as a celebrity he needed a classy place, now after wasting my money to make the place so neat, he has made it ugly. Which type of celebrity is this? Now he claims he wants to be MP, no one should vote for such irresponsibility,” she added.

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