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ENTERTAINMENT: Musician Jose Chameleon reconciles with Producer Baur

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KAMPALA – After one month of throwing insults, threats and making all sorts of promises against each other, the feud between Sabula Records C.E.O Producer Diggy Baur and singer Jose Chameleone has finally come to an end with reconciliation.

This comes after social media was awash with pictures where the two appear mending their relationship with a brotherly handshake accompanied with smiles.

Chameleone who is aspiring to become Kampala Lord Mayor and his producer are said to have buried the hatchet last evening although details about their reconciliation are still scanty.

After making several threats of teaching the ‘mayor-to-be’ a lesson if he stepped foot on the Makindye based Sabula Records, fans said were surprised to see pictures of them together and moments after Baur posted on his social media ‘Mwaliwa ngatukola Baliwa Jose Chameleone’ (Where were you when we were making Jose Chameleone’s Baliwa).

Chameleone’s longtime tight-relationship with producer Baur is remembered to have hit rock bottom earlier this month after Baur accused the singer of assault.

It can be recalled that weeks back, Baur accused Chameleone of beating him and his brother at Sabula Studios. He also accused the Baliwa singer of being a hypocrite and bad tempered threatening never to work with him again as well as vowing to DE campaign him in the mayoral race come 2021.

The two had previously been having a working relationship for many years with Baur being behind Chameleon’s hit productions including ‘Baliwa’ which is his latest.

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