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ENTERTAINMENT: Artist Spice Diana breaches presidential guidelines

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Spice Diana is living a life full of her true colours of late. From social media outbursts with fans to ignoring presidential directives of social distancing and wearing a mask while in public.

The singer is no longer humble and laid back, these days what the fans get is a buffet. Amidst a Facebook uproar as her fans reacted to Box fashion, she spared time to join Bishop Arnold Muwonge for a charity drive in Katanga slum.

The two, who last week donated food and other basic needs to the late dancer Sylvia Nandudu’s children in Kansanga this time around, went to Makerere parish where they left smiles on the children’s faces .

Spice Diana supplied household items and food relief such as posho, matooke, sugar, rice, basins, cups, plates without wearing a mask. There was even a demonstration football match between the children.

“I am delighted to have reached out to the community in Katanga in Wandegeya on behalf of Bishop Arnold Muwonge of Kampala Children’s Centre situated in Wakiso.

We reached out to Hope 4 Katanga kids’ project, a community made up of mainly orphaned and HIV positive children. Among many things, we have reached out with household and food items, “she said.

“This was a great gesture, but poorly executed as it did put lives in danger. The Health minister was clear about this, wearing a mask not a smile. Covid-19 is real!”

“We are investigating that matter, but still, we have to respect the guidelines given to us and observe all the Presidential directives. Actually, what is ideal is to contact the local authorities and they guide you through your donation,” the Kampala metropolitan police spokesperson Patrick Onyango told this website.

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