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ENTERTAINMENT: Artist Jose Chameleone restricted from Sabula Records studio over misbehaving.

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Singer and Kampala Lord Mayor hopeful Jose Chameleone alias Joseph Mayanja has been banned from Sabula Records Studio where he produced his latest tune Baliwa.

According to the producer Diggy Baur the singer has been banned for alleged bullying and disrespecting fellow artistes and producers.

In a viral video on social media, the fuming producer accuses Chameleone of clobbering one of the studio stuff.

“Do not come back to this studio, we have made your songs and given you wings, and all you do is come and beat up my people! What kind of Lord Mayor do you expect to be with such manners? You beat and abuse people, we are waiting for you,” Diggy Baur spat fire.

Baur claimed that singer chameleon is evil and uses black magic to obtain popularity.

“You have beaten people, you have abused people, and they fear to speak about it because you use witchcraft, you are a very evil and bad person,” he added.

The producer claims this is not the first time the singer is beating up people at the studio.

“The first time you beat up my people here at the studio, I kept quiet, this time I will not go quiet,” he added.

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