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Entertainers cry out to the government for help after closure of their places in the admist of Covid-19

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KAMPALA – on Wednesday 18 2020, president Yoweri Kaguta Museveni directed the closure of all places which gather many people in a bid to prevent the outbreak and spread of Covid-19. Minister for Kampala Betty Amongi has ordered the closure of all.

places for entertainment and leisure such as bars, concerts, cinemas and all street markets were closed in kampala by the minister of kampala, Ms Betty Amongi in a bid to implement the president’s order.

The minister warned that failure to implement the directives will lead to revocation of licences.

 She added that KCCA enforcement officers had been tasked to enforce the closure of all bars, discos, clubs, sports, music shows, cinemas, hotels and concerts.

Minister Betty Amongi

β€œAnyone who fails to abide will face the legal consequences including withdrawing their trading licenses. So if you defy the directive and we find your bar open, we shall withdraw your license,” the minister added.

She noted that all street markets, weekly markets, roadside markets among others are prohibited from operating effective today 19th March 2020.

It should be noted that people of kampala are one of the most luxurious people who love partying every night, so this statement comes as a nightmare to many.

Many were left wondering how they are going to pass tgroigh these days since some also earn a living in such places. These who included the waiters, deejays, beer manufacturers among others appealed to the government to provide for them alternative measures of how they can earn some money since most of them earn daily income.

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