Enanga points out arcades violating SOPs

Enanga points out arcades violating SOPs

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KAMPALA – The Police in Kampala has named 25 arcades, shopping malls and supermarkets that are allegedly violating the Standard Operating Procedures meant to curb the spread of COVD-19.

According to the task force team that has been carrying out a daily inspection in Kampala, the arcades, shopping malls and supermarkets that have defied the Ministry of Health guidelines include; Nansamba Arcade, Bathia Towers, E-Towers, Superior complex, Trade link complex, Transnile link, Suncity Plaza, Qualicel House, God’s Grace Arcade, Majestic Plaza, Zainab Aziza Plaza, Boost House, Mini price, Lutunga House and Kasiwukila plaza.

Others include Rafik Arcade, Sembatya Arcade, Skylight Arcade, White house arcade, Kabale Arcade, Qualicel Aracde, French Plaza, Total Plaza, Shamba Complex and Shauriyako plaza.

According to the spokesperson of police, Fred Enanga, the task force has been monitoring different access points of arcades, supermarkets and malls in order to ascertain business entities that defy SOPs.

He made the remarks during a press conference at Uganda Media Centre, Kampala on Monday. 

Meanwhile, the Police have applauded some supermarkets, bus parks, shopping malls and Moroto district for adhering to the health ministry directives.

“Every vehicle that gets into Moroto district is taken through a screening process. They use the temperature gun to check everyone, inspect each vehicle to see whether it is carrying the right number of passengers. Besides that, they also ensure that whoever is entering Moroto district has a face mask,” Enanga said.

The Government allowed shopping arcades to open in July.

Kampala has since registered many COVID-19 sporadic cases in the past few weeks, which President Yoweri Museveni attributes to the carelessness of certain sections of the public.

Of the 29 COVID-19-related deaths recorded in the country by Saturday, 20 are from Kampala.

Dr Monica Musenero, the senior presidential advisor on epidemics, warned that Kampala is now reaching the stage of uncontrolled transmission.

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