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EAST AFRICA: Museveni, Kagame agree to release all detainees after second Luanda meet.

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After failure to stabilise the relations between the two neighbouring countries, the two presidents returned to Luanda for a second meeting on Sunday organised by President João Lourenço for talks.

According to the senior presidential press secretary, Don Wanyama, both heads of state agreed on seeing all prisoners released before a meeting at the Katuna border point.

The third quadripartite summit on Uganda and Rwanda in Luanda has ended. Five key resolutions arrived at including the release of prisoners and stopping support for destabilizers,”Wanyama tweeted.

He said the two heads of state also agreed to have human rights of each other’s citizens to be protected but also the ad-hoc teams to continue before a meeting between Museveni and Kagame at the Katuna border point on February 2, 2020.

It is expected that something tangible in regards the opening of the common border might be reached during the meeting at the common border at Katuna.

“Uganda will do its part to ensure resolutions of the summit are implemented,”Museveni said in a post on his official social media accounts.

The frosty relations between Uganda and Rwanda that had gone on for a couple of years finally became pronounced in March last year when Rwanda closed its borders with her immediate neighbor, Uganda.

The two presidents of Rwanda and Uganda in August 2019 signed an agreement in Angola to ease months of tensions after the two leaders exchanged accusations against each other but there has been slow progress in the implementation of the agreement so as to ensure a return to normalcy of the relations.

Last week, Paul Kagame said he is not about to allow Rwandans citizens resume coming to Uganda because he has no control over them while there.

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