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Dr Stella Nyanzi accuses opposition of lacking ambition

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Kampala, Uganda — Dr Stella Nyanzi has got a rude awakening, realising albeit late, that many folks in opposition lack ambition to be the government.

The former Makerere University researcher, whose activitism has landed her jail several times, threw a sewer on opposition leaders who she accuses of complacency.

In her message, posted on her favorite Facebook platform, Nyanzi reports that she has discovered many people in opposition did not want to move, rather, were comfortable being opposition and don’t want anyone rudely awakening them to leave their ‘posts’.

Nyanzi, a no-nosense woman, didn’t throw any profanities as her preferred choice of communication, but directly wrote:

I am shocked to confirm that some opposition members see this as their lifetime job. Some Ugandans have made their positions in opposition political parties their sole source of income. Without the opposition position, they have no money, no job, no platform, no status, no voice, no life, no nothing…

And so these people see their opposition position as an end in itself. They do not see it as a means to an end. They are contented to just be in the opposition. They are happy to be in the opposition. They have no greater aims or objectives of being in the opposition. They are just sooooo happy to be in the opposition. They arrived. Finished!

And it is shocking to me. It is very disappointing that there are opposition members who are not aiming at overthrowing dictator Museveni. They are not willing to put in the work required to overhaul the status quo and reclaim power from the NRM. They do not see that the opposition should grab power from the dictatorship.

These career oppositionists are a shame. These opposition careerists are wolves in sheep skin. Many of them have destroyed the dreams and aspirations of individuals interested in reclaiming power from the dictator. We must beware of these pretenders who think they arrived when they got positions in the opposition. Emisege, emisege, emisege!!!

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