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Donald Trump declares that the only person more famous than him is Jesus

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Donald Trump has bragged that the only person more famous than him is Jesus Christ. Addressing a rally of supporters in Greenville, North Carolina, on Thursday afternoon, Trump shared a conversation he’d had, saying: ‘Somebody said to me the other day “You’re the most famous person in the world by far” ‘I said “No I’m not.” He said “Yes you are,”, I said “No I’m not” He said “Who’s more famous?” I said “Jesus Christ.”‘ Trump then basked in the cheers of fans after delivering his punchline, adding: ‘I’m not taking any chances.’ Thursday’s rally also saw Trump repeatedly brand rival Joe Biden ‘corrupt’ and claim the Democratic presidential nominee was in the pocket of the Chinese government.

Trump also attacked White House immunologist Dr Anthony Fauci, the country’s top coronavirus doctor, saying he’d played down the severity of the outbreak, and told people not to wear masks. Trump continued: ‘He’s a nice guy, so I keep him around. Right? We’ll keep him around. He’s a Democrat, everybody knows that. He’s (Democratic New York Governor) Andrew Cuomo’s friend.’ Fauci did say there was no reason to wear face masks earlier in the outbreak, but has since said he only gave that advice to try and conserve supplies for medical staff and frontline workers. Some acquaintances of Trump claim the president is jealous of Fauci’s popularity among Americans, after he developed a reputation for delivering calm but stern warnings about Covid at White House press briefings. The president visited Greenville en route to Miami, where he will appear on an NBC town hall tonight, giving Americans the chance to ask him about the upcoming election. Polls show Trump trailing Joe Biden ahead of the November 3 vote, but the president has branded them fake, and insisted he can pull off another victory.

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