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Do not step in Mbarara-Full Figure told.

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A group of rowdy artists in Mbarara city yesterday vandalised the banner of Jennifer Nakanguubi alias Full Figure from the city’s round-about commonly known as “Mahembe Gente”.

The artists who were very angry said that particular location known is the proverbial entry point to Mbarara city and the round-about has become the icon of what the multiple cultures, clans, and traditions of the city.

They said it’s the proverbial ark of covenant for the city, its untouchable, and cannot be used to drive any other message be it political, religious or otherwise, its sacred, its unheard of for any politician to put a poster there.

According to one of the protesters, Mbarara city is a very old town that greatly appreciates its values and traditions just like any place in Uganda.

The artists also accused the ruling party for sidelining them yet they have their own role models in the arts industry and hence do not need Jennifer Full Figure’s services.

They threatened that next time Full Figure steps in their city, she must have tight full security otherwise she will face it rough.

However, speaking to NBS Uncut show on Tuesday, Full Figure said some people think NRM party belongs to one tribe which is wrong.

“These people should be ashamed. Their actions mean that they don’t even listen to President Museveni who is always against tribalism in the country,” she said.

She noted that everyone should be free in Uganda and the act of promoting tribalism is a a sign of stupidity of the highest level.

“I am so powerful and that’s why people keep on talking about me because they feel I am bigger than them. I don’t see any reason as to why they had to destroy my posters. We are one people fighting for a common goal,”she said.

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