District councillors lock CAO locked out of office

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The motion tabled by Ms Afisa Karungi, the district secretary for social services who also doubles as Nyangahya Division district councillor has resulted to tension in the remote district of Uganda, Masindi.

On Friday, the district council, in the district council hall, unanimously recommended the immediate transfer of Mr Nyakahuma and halted him from conducting further expenditures from the district accounts. Following accusations of abuse of office, a claim the CAO, Mr. John Nyakahama denies.

This prompted closure of the Chief Administrative Officer (CAO), Mr. John Nyakahama by the District chairman, Mr. Cosmas Byaruhanga on Monday.

The closure paralysed operations in the office of the CAO, who is the accounting officer, leaving workers attached to his office, stranded.

The district chairman told journalists that, he was following “the speaker’s ruling” on the motion presented in the council to send away the CAO and part of the work was to lock his office and halt all transactions [in his office] “apart from [the possessing of] salaries,” Mr Byaruhanga told journalists on Monday.

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