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Distillers in Uganda given a go ahead by the government to produce hand sanitizers as the country registers new cases of Covid-19

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Distillers in Uganda turn to hand sanitizer making in the fight against COVID-19

Alcohol distillers in Uganda have turned to make hand sanitizers it steps up efforts to fight the spread of coronavirus that causes COVID-19.

The pronouncement was made on Monday by the State Minister for Investment, Ms. Evelyn Anite in a meeting with the leadership of Uganda Manufacturers Association and Spirits Manufacturers in Kampala.

The Minister said that the manufacturers will use the 7.3 million liters of alcohol in their facilities to make available, affordable and quality sanitizers.

According to Ms. Anite, since manufacturers are changing their business plan to manufacturing sanitizers the government will give them tax incentives like corporation tax and excise duty waivers.

The government would support the manufacturers through value-added tax and excise duty waivers to help them maximize production, Anite said.

The locally-made sanitizers will also be affordable to allow Ugandans access the disinfectants whose prices on the market had escalated to over Shs150, 000 per liter and Shs10, 000 for a 60 ml bottle.

Mr. Ben Manyindo, the Uganda National Bureau of Standards (UNBS)’s executive director, said that all the locally-produced sanitizers will bear the Q-quality mark.

The head of Tax at the Ministry of Finance, Mr. Moses Kaggwa said they will discuss with Uganda Revenue Authority modalities of exempting manufacturers from excise duty payment upfront.

Uganda Manufacturers Association (UMA)’s chairperson, Ms. Barbara Mulwana said that their members in the packaging industry will provide bulk packaging for the sanitizers that will be produced.

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