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‘Dissatisfied’ Man City star would fix Man Utd problem

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Why not Conte?
I would really like to hear from supporters of Arsenal, Spurs, and Man Utd, why they wouldn’t consider Antonio Conte as a replacement for their current manager. He’s won the league in the U.K. and Italy and did well as the manager of the Italian team.

Even as a short term manager, I think he would be better than their current managers or prospective future managers (Spurs – I don’t think Pochettino should go back). He’s a highly tactical manager and seems to motivate his players very well. He also works well with a limited budget. For me it’s a no brainer that he would be better than their current managers.

I’m not a fan of any of these clubs but I’d be really interested in what their supporters think.
Charles Heale (I’d love to see Conte at Newcastle, but doubt it will ever happen)

The Laporte solution
Everyone knows Manchester United are in need of a centre half. Every available centre half across Europe and beyond has been mentioned but could the answer be already under their noses. I am talking about Aymeric Laporte at Man City. He is no longer first choice at City and they may want to cash in on him. He is left sided which allows Maguire to move to the right. Its not impossible and would make sense as he doesn’t have to move to a new city and is an experienced PL player so wont need any settling in time.

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