Developing the Raw Talent in You

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Raw talent is commonly self-taught and draws from an innate ability within or it is the result of accumulated knowledge and hands-on lessons.

Lots of times we have talents that have been hidden and not brought out yet. There are lots of reasons that hinder the development of talent.

One of the reasons that hinders the development of talent in people is because of fear to attempt the unknown or do their best because of failure and risk. This will de-motivate them.

The other reason is because they have been told they can’t make it or lack enough capital to persevere and go through the hardship that has to do with what they want to do and can push them to succeed

The age factor is also another reason why one may fear to do what they love to do reason being they have not finished their education and do not have the experience to go out there and market themselves.

Lack of knowledge of venturing into a new idea is another reason that may hinder one from doing what they love best because they don’t know how to go about it and fear to take risks.

One of the ways that I think raw talent can be tapped into is by believing in yourself and knowing you can do it and go ahead and give it a try by asking people who have done what you love to do before and ask them how they did it and by them giving you the knowledge you will go ahead and conquer.

The other reason that I feel raw talent can be developed is one should be able to know their purpose in life what is the reason behind you developing your talent and by doing this you will be able to know the path you want to take in life and it will boost your confidence.

Carry out a lot of research and find out what is going to be able to take your talent to another level, take time and master the techniques for example if baking is your talent go to baking school and learn the techniques required in baking.

Know your strength and weaknesses and this will help develop the talent in you, focusing on your strength will keep you motivated to push towards achieving the best in developing who you are.

Create a formula that is going to make you unique because there are lots of people doing the same things but what makes them different is the way you have branded yourself and marketed yourself and a touch to your product or activity.

put in the effort, energy and work you have to make sure that your talent is flourishing by this I mean work long hours to make your product a success.

Market your skills and talents and this will help individuals or companies scout you.

With all this put in place I believe we shall have a lot of talent being and lots of innovation come out of Uganda.

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