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Day 1 of Ceasefire in Gaza-Israel Conflict

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Middle East

A ceasefire between Israel and Hamas, the Palestinian militant group, came into force early on Friday ending an 11-day conflict that has killed at least 232 Palestinians and 12 Israelis. The Egypt-mediated truce triggered celebrations on the streets of Hamas-controlled Gaza, as the worst fighting in seven years came to a close. The fighting led to huge levels of destruction across the densely populated Gaza strip, which is home to 2m people, as Israeli warplanes and artillery attacked Hamas positions. The truce followed “intensive high-level discussions, hour by hour” from the US, including multiple calls between President Joe Biden and his counterpart Benjamin Netanyahu. The US president had come under intense pressure from members of his own Democratic party in recent days, including congresswoman Rashida Tlaib, to take action to end the conflict. Egypt, which mediated the ceasefire along with the US and Qatar, said on Thursday it would send two security delegations to Tel Aviv and the Palestinian territories to ensure the implementation of the ceasefire. US foreign policy and defence correspondent Katrina Manson talks to the FT News Briefing podcast on the prospects for the ceasefire.

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