CRIME: UPDF soldier on the run after shooting dead three people in Gulu – Uganda.

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The incident according to Maj. Ceasar Olweny, the spokesperson for the UPDF fourth division, the incident happened in Pece division, Gulu municipality between 9pm and 10 pm on Monday evening.

“It is true it happened but investigations into how the incident unfolded have commenced and the information about the reason for the killing is still not yet known,”Maj. Olweny told the Nile Post.

The UPDF spokesperson, Brig. Richard Karemire identified the suspect as Corporal Geoffrey Okello attached to the fourth division in Gulu.

Past incidents

In the past, there have been a number of incidents in which UPDF soldiers have run riot and killed several people.

In 2018, Private Isaac Newton Okello 43 who is attached to UPDF 405 Brigade in Moroto district killed his brother and 3 of his family members in Alebtong district.

In August 2018, Lance Corporal Geoffrey Odaga attached to the fourth division armed with a gun, stormed a local bar known as Smile Panda II in Kabed’opong trading centre in Bardege division at around 11pm and killed three men before robbing the bar but was alter arrested.

The army has however been strict on such cases of indiscipline and several of its officers convicted of such offences have got heavy punishments.

In 2018, the Chief of Defence Forces in the UPFG, Gen.David Muhoozi said despite a few regrettable incidents, the UPDF is still on the right track.

“Though there are some mistakes, it is not our standard operating procedure. What happened was a one-off and you can’t judge us by a few incidents,” Gen.Muhoozi told the Nile Post.

“We condemn in the strongest terms the incidents but I cannot guarantee that it won’t happen again because we are also humans like others liable to make mistakes.”

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