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CRIME: Troubled Ex-lover burns woman in the house – Uganda.

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A sixty year old man is on the run in Namisindwa district after killing his former lover and setting her body on fire. Police is searching for Ronald Mapamba (60) who is suspected to have killed Betty Mutuwa (53) after she scorned his affections and left his house.

Mapamba is a resident of Mikhama village, Busambatasa II parish, Buwabwala sub county in Namisindwa district.

Mapamba is suspected to have committed the offense on Friday, February 14, 2020 at around 11am.

Residents realized something was amiss after fire started billowing from the house Mutuwa shared with her parents. Mutuwa had moved back home after ending her relationship with Mapamba.

Mapamba had repeatedly accused Mutuwa of cheating on him with several men. Mutuwa denied this and instead accused Mapamba of behaving badly which is why she had walked out on him.

Mapamba had publicly threatened to harm Mutuwa before the Valentine’s Day incident. At the time of the incident, Mapamba was reportedly trying to reconcile with Mutuwa.

Residents, however, say that Mapamba may have killed Mutuwa in the house before setting it on fire. This is because when the residents tried to call out her name to rescue her from the fire, she did not respond. They later found that the doors and windows of the house had been locked from inside the house before it was set on fire.

Mutuwa’s body was severely burnt almost beyond recognition by the fire that also destroyed the house.

Mutuwa and Mapamba were not officially married and did not share any children.

Police has called upon the public to share information in case of sighting Mapamba who is on the run.

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