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CRIME: Sudan’s Omar al-Bashir to be handed to the international Criminal Court.

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Sudan’s Omar al-Bashir spent a decade flouting international arrest warrants on war crimes charges, travelling overseas in open defiance of the International Criminal Court.

But after mass protests brought an end to his three decades of iron-fisted rule last year, Bashir looks set to finally appear before The Hague-based ICC for his role in the Darfur conflict.

The 75-year-old has been held in prison since his ouster in April on corruption charges that saw him sentenced in December to two years in a correctional centre for the elderly.

One of Africa’s longest-serving presidents, Bashir showed many different faces during his 30 years in power.

Known for his trademark dancing and waving of a stick before addressing loyalists, Bashir had remained defiant in the face of growing street protests in the months before his overthrow.

But his fate was sealed when the army intervened to oust Bashir, who swept to power in a coup backed by Islamists in 1989.

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