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CRIME: “Kanyamunyu’s brother hid the gun used to kill Akena” – witness testifies.

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One of the investigating officers in the case in which businessman Matthew Kanyamunyu is accused of shooting dead child rights activist Kenneth Akena has told court that one of the accused’s brothers, Joseph Kanyamunyu picked the killer gun from the vehicle after the fateful incident.

Detective Sargent Patrick Alunyu told court presided over by Justice Steven Mubiru that he was told by one Robert Mutebi,a security guard at Nakasero hospital that Joseph Kanyamunyu had been seen picking a gun from his brother’s vehicle before driving away in another vehicle.

“Another vehicle entered the hospital and a gentleman came out. He approached the accused’s vehicle from the left-hand side and that he saw the two exchanging a pistol before the gentleman drove away,” the detective told court.

The witness mentioned the brother who picked the gun from the vehicle as Joseph Kanyamunyu, a brother to the accused Mathew Kanamunyu.

The investigating officer was however not allowed to divulge more because Joseph Kanyamunyu, the person mentioned is battling a separate case of being accessory to the murder and going deep into the case would be prejudice.

Last week, the police detective told court he had been told by Mathew Kanyamunyu that he was seated in the co-driver’s seat as his girlfriend Cynthia Munwangari drove the vehicle on the fateful day.

The witness also told court that the shooting didn’t take place at Game Store but opposite UMA show grounds entrance near Maliki car bond but noted the stretch is always referred to by many as Game.

Justice Steven Mubiru adjourned the matter to today, Wednesday.

Matthew Kanyamunyu, the director Quantum Express Logistics and his girlfriend, Cynthia Munwangari are accused of the murder of Kenneth Akena, a former child rights activist who was shot in 2016 and died a few hours later at Nakasero hospital from bullet wounds.

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