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Coronavirus: Uganda’s President extends curfew hours for motorcycle riders

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President Yoweri Museveni has extended time of operations for motorcycles commonly known as Boda-Boda from from 2pm to 5pm saying their services of food delivery and other deliveries are important.

The President had earlier directed for all motorcycles to stop operating at 2:00pm after which they would be impounded.

However, during his address last night, Museveni said, the deadline has been revised for the good of those in the business line.

“There is still an issue with boda boda’s we had said that they should stop at 2pm but now they can go upto 5pm so that they beat the curfew. This includes boda boda’s and bicycles,” said the President.

Uganda’s President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni

Initially, they were required to be off the road by 2pm.
“Later, we realised that 2pm is too early,” said the President.

Museveni also castigated the people whom he termed as crooks who he said had forged car stickers in order to manipulate the movement COVID-19 guidelines.

“Those vehicles will be confiscated,” warned the President adding that “after all of this, we shall see what to do with them legally.”

The president further said for expectant mothers, they should not wait to seek permission from Resident District Commissioner if their situation is dire.

“For expectant mothers, I think I agree, the expectant mothers if you don’t get the RDC , private vehicles can be used and explain. Unless someone puts blankets”

The President has also said that much as government allowed cargo trucks to operate throughout the day and night, the number of the crew has now been limited to one person.

“The truck drivers, we had allowed at least 3 people but now we have revised it to one,” he said.

Meanwhile Ministry of Health has today discharged six patients from Mulago National Specialised Hospital where they had undergone treatment.  The patients tested negative of COVID-19.

This brings the total of discharged people to 28.

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