Coronavirus – Uganda: UNFPA helps protect Ugandan frontline health workers against COVID-19 infection

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MADI-OKOLLO, Uganda, April 24, 2020/ — COVID-19 infection prevention supplies including masks, gloves and hand sanitizers are to be distributed to frontline health workers in Madi-Okollo district, including those attending to pregnant and lactating mothers.

The consignment of infection prevention commodities was handed over by UNFPA, the United Nations Population Fund to Madi-Okollo District Local Government in the West Nile region, in support of the Government of Uganda’s response to the pandemic.

“The support from UNFPA to Madi-Okollo district is very timely,” said Sr. Justine Anduma, District Health Officer (DHO).

Genesis Acema, Local Council V Chairperson, received the consignment on behalf of the government. “I appreciate the support of UNFPA, including the programme that we had just started before the outbreak of COVID-19, to ensure access to sexual and reproductive health and rights information and services, with funding from the Netherlands,” he said. “We hope that such programmes will go a long way in addressing the high rates of teenage pregnancy in the district, as well as the rampant home deliveries.”

UNFPA supports the government’s humanitarian and development efforts in the district in the context of sexual and reproductive health.

Uganda entered a nationwide lockdown against the spread of the COVID-19 on 25 March. However, many expectant mothers have struggled to access maternity care due to challenges with public transport as a result.

Health workers on the frontline remain at risk of catching communicable diseases, including the coronavirus, if no proper protective gear is provided. The consignment will help ensure that health services remain available, which is particularly critical for the health – and lives – of expectant women.

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