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Coronavirus: Uganda Red Cross Public Statement on Coronavirus Disease 2019

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The Uganda Red Cross is closely monitoring the evolving situation of the outbreak of the Corona Virus disease (COVID-19) in Uganda and is involved in carrying out lifesaving interventions which among others include risk communication, Community surveillance, Screening, hygiene promotion, ambulance services and referrals, psychosocial support to the affected, and is prepared to carry out safe and dignified burials in worst case scenarios.

As an auxiliary to the Government of Uganda during such emergencies, the National Society is working closely with the Ministry of Health to undertake the said interventions. With support from partners like MTN Foundation Uganda, a number of lifeline services have been activated around the Market areas in the Capital City Kampala and these include Temperature screening for all people accessing the markets, hand washing facilities installed, availing clean and safe water (chlorinated) for hand washing, isolation tents set up to manage susceptible cases, among other #Keepsafe measures.

Irene Nakasita, Head of Communications and Public Relations at Uganda RedCross Society

“Our Red Cross machinery of first responds has been put at the disposal of the pandemic and we believe with combined efforts and support we can save lives of people”. Said Robert Kwesiga, the Uganda Red Cross Secretary General.

Uganda Red Cross has presented a COVID-19 response Plan of action to the Ministry of Health Task force, well aligned to Government plans to combat the Pandemic.Red Cross ambulances have been deployed to work alongside Government machinery in response across the country. We believe such combined efforts, well-coordinated can go a long way in saving people’s lives.

We continue to work closely the Ministry of Health and the Uganda Blood Transfusion Services to also ensure the safety and availability of blood supply for patients in need. We encourage all eligible blood donors to schedule appointments or move to the nearest blood banks / blood collection centers and donate blood to avoid blood shortages during this tough season.

Donating blood is a safe process and people should not hesitate to give or receive blood. The need for blood is constant, and volunteer donors are the only source of blood for those in need of transfusions. Therefore, our appeal to the public is to keep safe and donate blood when you are due.

In other districts outside Kampala, the Red Cross volunteers are supporting communities though disseminating good practices of how they can protect their families from getting sick, educating them on how to mitigate the spread of this COVID-19 virus, hygiene promotion, fighting rumors and stigma, among other lifeline services.

The National Society is doing resource mobilization to be able to reach out to more places across the Country to ensure that more lives are saved and communities receive the basic services they require to cope through this situation.

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