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Coronavirus – Uganda: Public transport to remain suspended

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Kampala —- Public transport will remain suspended when the current lockdown phase ends next week on Tuesday.

H.E President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, on 25th March 2020, banned public transport as a way of curbing the spread of the killer Covid-19.
The affected public transport included all taxis, coasters, buses, passenger trains, Tuk-Tuk and passenger boda bodas.

And a source close to a top government official who met the president earlier this week has told this website that the said public transport means will remain suspended when Museveni addresses the country on Monday.

“Public transport will have to wait a bit longer, its for everyone’s good,” the source quotes the official.
Private vehicles will be allowed but with only a maximum of 2 people.
As has been the case, trucks, Delivery Vans & Pickups are allowed strictly for delivery of food and essential commodities.
Ambulances are allowed.
Security vehicles are allowed.
Institutional/Government vehicles subject to SOPs issued by Ministry of Health are allowed.
Vehicles for sanitary services like garbage collection, cesspools will continue to operate.

As the country already knows, face masks are compulsory.
Cabinet is expected to sit on Monday morning iron out the finer SOPs details as Uganda continues to return to work in phases.

President Museveni will chair the meeting at State House.

According to Trumpet News, Museveni had tasked the National Task Force Committee together with professionals from the Ministry of Health to give him viable options that would let Ugandans go back to work but at the same time keep the public safe particularly at a time when Uganda has seen increased number of cases from Truck Drivers entering Uganda.

So far 143 drivers are among 202 cases Uganda has registered.

Another source, close to the powers that be, told us Museveni realises that there’s no virus in the community.
And indeed, Health minister Dr Ruth Aceng said no community case has been recorded in the last 15 days following two Ugandans who tested positive on May 1, 2020 in Mutukula and Masindi district.

Bars, sports, schools, churches will all remain closed for the foreseeable future.

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