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Coronavirus: Uganda Police impound Ministry of Health van for carrying 25 medical personnel contradicting with social distancing directives

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This morning, Police in Kireka, have impounded a van belonging to the Ministry of Health for violating social distancing directives put in place by the Ministry itself and the government to curb the spreading of Coronavirus (COVID-19).

The impounding follows President Museveni’s directive of suspending gatherings of more than five people as a precaution to curb the coronavirus pandemic.

Ever since COVID-19 broke out, the Ministry of Health has repeatedly encouraged the general public among other preventive measures, to practice social distancing, a practice where you maintain a distance of at lest four meters from someone else, such that you do not transmit or get infected by the virus.

Police says that those in the ministry vehicle defied the presidential directive leaving the police with no option but to impound vehicle.

Vehicles were banned from roads after earlier restrictions were ignored requiring cars to only carry three passengers as some people were using their vehicles to transport others and increasing the risk of spreading the virus.

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