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Coronavirus – Uganda: phase one plan of lifting up lockdown linked

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Uganda is expected to lift lockdown in phases after receiving more good with many coronavirus recoveries than new cases for the passed two weeks since lockdown, in addition to receiving less Ugandan nationals on the new list of confirmed cases.

The increasing number of confirmed cases are from neighbouring countries of Kenya and Tanzania cargo trucks drivers, however Uganda also launched mobile testing facilities on borders to aid instant testing and results to contain their effect.

In a linked plan to lift lockdown, phase 1 goes as follows.

General rules mandatory to any person moving around in public Places (market, shopping malls, Shops…..) in (semi) Urban areas and cities:

• Social distancing of minimum 1.5m

• Wearing of masks

• Washing hands with sanitizers at all entry or exit of public places

• Curfew remains in place from 10pm to 6am

Specific measures:

1 Public and private transport

Taxi: allowed to resume, but with strict passengers one seat free in between.

Allowed passengers in taxi go down from 14 to 9 and passengers have to wear masks, conductor to be equipped with hand sanitizers for cleaning up hands for passengers when entering and exiting the taxi.

•Boda boda: allowed to carry one passenger only, with mask and driver has to have his helmet (for safety and also prevent transition at the sametime).

•Buses: to move on half capacity only 1 seat out of 2 can be occupied; passenger to wear masks, mandatory hand-sanitizers for those entering and exiting the bus.

•Private cars: some arrangement as before the lockdown only 3 people allowed; driver + 2 passengers maximum.

2 Office work

•Split the office workers in 2 supplementary groups: team A and team B; altanet each group coming to the office one week and the following week that week works from home and the other team works from office; only half of the seats are taken at the office; work can resume at almost normal capacity.

•Thermometers and hand sanitizer at all of entrance points of the office; leave all doors open as much as possible to avoid touching the handles.

•Extensive cleaning of the office once a week

•Staff not allowed to eat from cafeteria to avoid unnecessary exposure and mixing beyond the usual office colleges, only allowed to eat from office desk.

3 Factory work

•To be defined for each sector keeping into accounts the general rules of social distancing, masks and regular hand washing/sanitizers.

4 Public markets

• Continue as is-with limited number of people allowed inside at the same time and mandatory hand sanitizers and thermometer at the entrance and exit point; further deployment of hand washing points stations.

5 Shopping malls

Continue as is-with limited number of people allowed inside at the same time and mandatory hand-sanitizers at the access and exit points.

6 Grocery and other small (work) shops;

not more than 3 people inside the same time, wearing of masks mandatory.

7 Restaurants

•Allowed to open, at only a half seating capacity; half of the tables and seats to be removed; mandatory hand sanitizers and thermometers at the entrance.

•Waiters to wear gloves and masks at all time.

8 Bars and night clubs

• Remain closed for the time-being.

9 Primary schools

• Boarding schools to resume, but no external visitors allowed in/out; all teachers to remain on site Minimize contacts with people out side school boundaries.

• Non boarding schools remain closed for the time being.

10 Secondary school

•Secondary school to resume, but no vistors allowed in/out; all teachers to remain on site, minimize contacts with people out side school boundaries.

• Non boarding schools remain closed from the time-being.

11 Universities

• Remain closed for the time-being

12 Sports event

•Not allowed for the time-being

13 Building sites

• Existing measures contenue as it is workers to remain no site as much as possible to minimize contacts with external people.

14 Street resellers

• Mandatory wearing of face masks

15 Funerals, weddings, introduction

• Lockdown measures continue as they are

16 Religious church services

• Lockdown measures continue as they are

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