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Coronavirus -Uganda: Museveni orders for pay rise of scientists

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President Yoweri Museveni has yet again made a case for giving a pay rise to scientists like Doctors, Engineers and science teachers, saying they are doing commendable work and deserve commensurate pay.

Museveni said this during his national address to clarify on measures undertaken by government against coronavirus.

“I really don’t like the idea of people who are not scientists getting salary increase before the scientists. Let the scientists first be paid well, the others can come later. That has always been my position,” he said.

Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, the President of Uganda

He said scientists have practical contribution they make in their crucial areas. 

“And you can see how much trouble they have saved us even in this danger”.

“Wherever you go, you don’t see any foreigners. You go to the hospitals, 100 percent Ugandans, Engineering – like I went to Jinja the engineering problem there (floating island) and it’s only Ugandans there.. That’s very good”.

Ugandan nurses

“So these scientists should be paid well so they can stabilize and help their parents and help everyone”.

He appealed to officials in government to support the motion to increase pay for scientists.

He cited the recent intervention of government to the desert locust invasion North East of Uganda, and the floating vegetation along River Nile which had interrupted power generation at Owen Falls Dam, attributing their success to scientists.

“That’s why I’m appealing to you fellows who have powers, please listen to me this time. I’m tired of begging these groups because we could be very far. We have now dealt with three huge problems concurrent. Locusts, Covid, floating island, and rising levels of water (in Lake Victoria),” the President said.

He said that when he previously fronted the motion before Cabinet, the Ministers argued that pay rise should be applied to all teachers without singling out only those who teach science.

“Teachers are teachers, yeah, but somebody is teaching something that’s more required than somebody else. We are all farmers, but if I’m farming something which is not needed so much in the market, and somebody else is producing something that is needed in the market, then the one producing the marketable product is the one who should be supported,” the President said.

“We are after results. The issue of paying our scientists well, they can do a very good job if they are paid well”

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