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Coronavirus – Uganda: Museveni donates half of his salary to fight COVID-19

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Uganda’s president Yoweri Museveni has said he will donate half of his salary to fight Coronavirus.

He was asked by a viewer why public servants in Uganda are yet to take pay cuts and support the National Task Force.

The caller asked why the president and civil servants haven’t donated a part of their salaries when elsewhere the same group was donating their pay.

In response, Museveni said though he is one of those public servants earning little money which he would donate to the cause.

Museveni who earns Shs3.6m (about $ 973) monthly said he would donate Shs1.4m (about $378) to the national taskforce.

“They pay me Shs3.6m. NRM takes 20% of it. I am now going to tell Mama Janet to sign for Shs1.4m and the balance of Shs1.3m goes to the COVID-19 fund,” Museveni said.

He said of this salary, the ruling NRM party takes 20% while the rest goes to his wife Janet Museveni.

The president said he will ask his wife to be sending half of what remains to the fund.

“I will ask Mama Janet to give 50 per cent of my salary to the taskforce.”

After Museveni who speaks in tongue in cheek offered part of his salary, he turned to civil servants and asked them to give up a part of their pay.

“You have heard, the people are asking. We can collect some money from here.”

Uganda has about 500,000 people in the civil service.

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