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Coronavirus: Uganda extends lockdown for more three weeks

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KAMPALA β€” President Yoweri Museveni has announced that Uganda’s lockdown will be extended for anorher 21 days (three weeks).

Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni has extended the country’s lockdown over the coronavirus by 21 days.

This lockdown period will now continue from April 15, to May 5.

President Museveni made the announcement on Tuesday while addressing the nation on the status of the coronavirus pandemic in Uganda.

Uganda’s President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni addressing the nation today

“The government has decided to keep the stay-home decision for another 21 days starting tomorrow. This is meant to allow us to study the situation longer. All previous measures still stand,” he said.

Uganda and Rwanda have imposed a total lockdown in their fight against COVID-19, in east Africa’s most stringent response to the infection.

A Local Defence Unit officer giving food to a citizen. The Government has provided people with food since they no longer work

Mr. Museveni says that out of 5,664 persons tested in Uganda, 54 have been found to be positive. As many as 4,015 were returnees – coming back to Uganda from abroad, 1,232 were those who interacted with the returnees (contacts) and 402 were those who had not been in contact with the returnees or travelled out, but because they got some symptoms, they reached out to the health officials to be tested (alert individuals).

Mass jogging has also been banned by the President

The extra days, he said, “will definitely, help us to defeat this virus decisively, or if not defeated totally, to prepare better as to how to cope with it.”

While Uganda has so far recorded a total of 54 coronavirus cases with no deaths, eight patients have recovered.

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