Coronavirus – Uganda: 2 more foreign truck drivers test positive for COVID-19

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KAMPALA — Three more people have tested positive for coronavirus in Uganda, pushing the country’s total number of confirmed cases to 88.

The latest new cases are of two Kenyan and Burundian cargo truck drivers while the other is a 22-year-old Ugandan who sneaked in from Tanzania via a porous border point in Bukoba.

The ministry tweeted that out of 2,484 samples taken, two foreign cargo drivers, and one Ugandan had tested positive and efforts to track the two drivers are underway. Normally the drivers are allowed to continue with their journeys after the samples are taken.

This new cases bring the number of positive tests among truck drivers to 29

The 22 year-old Ugandan is currently staying at home with his parents and efforts to evacuate him to Masaka Regional Hospital and quarantine his parents are underway.

The Ugandan becomes the second patient to be identified from community samples this week after another male, a 29-year-old policeman from Masindi in western Uganda who was in charge of enforcing the COVID-19 curfew in the district, tested positive on Friday.

Health officials as of now do not know how many people he came into contact with.

Africa’s most infected country, South Africa recorded 385 new cases and 7 new deaths. Egypt had 298 new cases and 9 new deaths. Morocco had 160 new cases and 2 new deaths. In Algeria, there were 6 new deaths and 141 new cases. Ghana had 95 new cases and one death. Cameroon registered 245 new cases and 3 new deaths.

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