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Coronavirus – Tanzania: Magufuli Confirms That all Donated Covid-19 Testing Kits Are Fake

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Leader of Tanzania John Pombe Magufuli has freely upbraided the testing packs for COVID-19 that were given to Africa by European contributors naming them as phony.

In a viral video coursing on every single social medium stages, Magufuli has given the above report saying they affirmed the outcomes subsequent to taking blood tests from various creatures and in the wake of testing the outcomes came out positive for coronavirus. In his declaration he says that the group drove by Ministry of Health PS Professor Mabula Mchembe extricated blood tests from creatures like quails, goats and pawpaw, took them to the Tanzanian research center, named them human names and after testing the outcomes came out positive for COVID-19. 

” The example from a paw which we marked as Elizabeth Anne tried positive for coronavirus. The equivalent with those from quail and goat,” said Magufuli. Magufuli included that he questioned the gifts from the beginning encouraging Tanzanians to realize that not every single free thing are acceptable. He condemned the gifts from the Chinese big shot Jack Ma who offered a great many individual defensive riggings that arrived in Africa early April. 

Magufuli in a past national location said that it is highly unlikely he can close holy places and any spots of love in view of COVID-19 feelings of trepidation. He guaranteed Tanzanians that he had goals of opening national competitions. As opposed to giving out orders of securing Tanzania’s capital City Daresalam, Magufuli favored turning the entire nation to home grown medication from Madagascar which is said to be powerful in restoring COVID-19. 

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