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Coronavirus – South Sudan: Another Vice-president tests positive for COVID-19

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JUBA, SOUTH SUDAN — South Sudan’s Vice President James Wani Igga has tested positive for the novel coronavirus (Covid-19).

Igga becomes the third Vice President to contract the contagious disease in a span of two weeks, or at least go public about the status.

Igga, Vice President in charge of the economic cluster, announced his test result while speaking on state television in Juba on Saturday.

“My samples were taken for testing some few days ago and today it has been found positive,” Igga said.

Last Wednesday, Vice President Hussein Abdelbagi also revealed that he had tested positive for COVID-19.

A fortnight ago, Vice President Riek Machar and his wife Angelina Teny also confirmed that their laboratory test results had returned positive.

In a televised news conference Machar confirmed that he and his spouse who also serves as the Defense Minister, had contracted the disease from members of the High-Level Taskforce on Covid-19.

Machar also told reporters that some of his staffers including security guards also tested positive for the novel COVID-19.

“All our colleagues that have tested positive are in good health,” Machar added.

South Sudan has five Vice Presidents following the formation of a unity government in February 2020.

South Sudan’s first case of coronavirus was reported back in April. It was a UN staff reporting for duty from overseas.

So far, the cases have shot to 994 and 10 deaths. Six people have recovered from the disease.

There are concerns that the country’s poor healthcare system could hamper efforts to flatten the Covid-19 curve.

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