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Coronavirus: South African Health Minister hails a doctor who discovered the ‘vaccine’ for COVID-19

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The health minister of South Africa Dr. Zweli Mkhize has asked people to pray for the safety of the Congolese Doctor, Dr. Jerome Munyagi who discovered the Coronavirus medicine being used in Madagascar. He said this in a tweet where users began to send their prayers for the doctor’s safety through.

Dr. Jerome Munyagi has discovered the Coronavirus medicine that is now being used in Madagascar. This medicine will save many lives in Africa and Abroad. The doctor comes from the republic of Congo and the medicine has been in use in Madagascar where he discovered it at.

This discovery could be then end of the world’s nightmare as the Health minister asks for prayers of the doctor’s safety. People were excited about the medicine for the Coronavirus and are praying that Doctor Munyagi (the discover) remains safe.

People from tweeter began a conversation of the truthfulness and accuracy of the medicine. Others were still finding it hard to be true meanwhile others confronted them that just because the discovery has been made by a black african it should not be taken light.

Above all, prayers for Dr. Munyagi have been pouring on tweeter as the South African health minister has requested. The support from tweeters has been massively increasing and this showed how happy they are for the discovery.

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